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Capri summer leggings Night of the Roses

Capri summer leggings Night of the Roses

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Fashion summer leggings

💚 We manufacture our Capri leggings fairly in our Berlin studio.
For cutting and sewing we need
5 business days. Then your freshly sewn favorite piece is on its way to you.

💚 High quality & durability, because we use high-quality materials for our summer leggings.

💚 Anti-hole guarantee If something breaks, we are ready to repair the damage. Because with our anti-hole guarantee, you can be sure that you have purchased a really durable product.

Our wonderful Capri leggings are a hit for the summer! It flatters your bum and legs beautifully and we say: That's the way it should be!

With their 3/4 length, the tight leggings generate a lot of freedom and airy moments. You show off your ankles and calves and create beautiful combination options with sneaker socks and summer shoes.

Our women's leggings are cut close to the hips. The sewn-in rubber band ensures a great fit. The capri leggings are also ideal for sporting activities. Jumping in beach volleyball or bending in yoga are acts of aesthetics from now on. Embarrassing moments like tight trousers slipping down are a thing of the past.

Our Capri leggings are produced fairly in Berlin. Cutting, sewing and shipping takes place in our studio in Lichtenberg. We hurry very quickly, so you don't have to wait longer than 5 working days for your new favorite item.

Fair production in Berlin

This brings many advantages. There are no long delivery routes and you can be sure where your clothes come from. We can also manufacture in a more targeted manner and on request, so that no surpluses are produced. A blessing for the environment and nature. In the end you hold a fair product in your hands that you can wear with a clear conscience.


Material: 92% viscose, 8% elastane

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Sehr schön

Women's leggings summer

Your legs will leap for joy when you come for a walk in these sexy leggings made of light viscose fabric. It is great as sports leggings or yoga leggings because it is very elastic and has a body-hugging cut. But the unusual leggings for women also cut a great figure as great leisure trousers. You'll draw everyone's attention when you enter the gym in tight leggings . And we think that's the way it should be ;-)

lightweight summer yoga leggings

Sports leggings sexy and colourful

Size XXS to 4XL

It's not Tiktok leggings that we make. But our leggings should be for everyone. This is important to us, because every person is built differently and needs their individual size. That's why we've made it our mission to produce leggings for everyone. Our sizes
vary between XXS and 4XL. Hopefully we can reach you with the wide range, because we want to make people happy with our fashion.


Also discover our other designs. From plain to colourful , from subtle patterns to unusual mega prints. We make everything possible, because there are no limits to your imagination! A special feature of our motif leggings is the high quality of their fabric. We carefully select the materials so that you can enjoy them for a long time. The material used is a fine viscose jersey that has been tested for the non-use of harmful substances. A small percentage of elastane gives the knitted fabric malleability and also the ability to keep its shape. In addition, the viscose ensures a cooling effect. Our opaque summer leggings are a great companion in summer.

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